What's the Best Wine Subscription or Wine Club?


Wine enthusiasts often turn to wine subscription services to make sure their wine shelf is always stocked. With a new shipment of bottles arriving each month, they know they'll always have a bottle on hand, ready to uncork for their next event.

There are a number of different wine clubs out there, and customers want to make sure they sign up for the wine subscription that works best for them. Comparing each wine club to one another can be time-consuming, so we've collected the most popular options here, to make your decision easy.

The three biggest considerations before joining a wine club are price, quantity, and quality. Let's take a look at some of the most popular wine subscriptions and see how they compare in cost and value to our own Olsen Run Wine.

Olsen Run

Cost: $256 per year (2 shipments of 6 bottles each year)
Value: $25.50 per bottle (a 15% savings!)
Insider Tip: The Willamette Valley is considered second only to Burgundy for their red wines.

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Cost: $576 per year ($39 per month)
Value: $9 per bottle
Insider Tip:

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Cost: $360 per year ($90 per month)
Insider Tip:

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Cost: $288 per year ($72 every 90 days)
Value: You get 72 3.3oz "vials" of wine.
(Each vial is equivalent to 1 glass of wine)
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Wine Club Comparison Considerations

Wine quality, frequency, etc