How Much Does FirstLeaf Cost? - 2023

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How Much does a FirstLeaf Wine Subscription Cost?
FirstLeaf has two monthly options: 6 bottles of wine for $89.94 or 12 bottles of wine for $179.98 (taxes not included). Either option includes free shipping.

FirstLeaf's wine of the month club is notable for their introductory offer, that sends 6 bottles of wine for just $39.95 with free shipping.

What is FirstLeaf?
FirstLeaf is a wine box subscription service. Each month, customers receive a selection of wine. Customers use a simple thumbs up or thumbs down voting system to tailor their wine preferences and improve future selections.

How are FirstLeaf's wine reviews?
FirstLeaf is one of the most popular wine subscription services and the reviews reflect that. TrustPilot reports that out of 657 reviews, FirstLeaf scored an average of 4.4 stars.

The Better Business Bureau however reports a score of 2.7 stars out of 5, based on 14 customer reviews.

What Does FirstLeaf Do?
They ship a selection of wine to you each month.

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FirstLeaf FAQ

If FirstLeaf a good deal?
FirstLeaf sells bottles of wine for around $15 apiece, which is slightly higher than the typical price point for a wine subscription service.

Is FirstLeaf a subscription?
Yes. FirstLeaf is a monthly wine subscription service.  Customers can set their shipment frequency from either 1, 2, or every 3 months. 

Can you skip a month of FirstLeaf?
Yes! Unlike your gym membership, FirstLeaf lets you skip a month, or pause your plan completely at no charge. Customers are notified when a new shipment is about to be packaged and you can cancel the shipment up to 2 days prior to it being sent.

How do I cancel my FirstLeaf subscription?
Visit to cancel at any time.

What is FirstLeaf's phone number?
1-800-461-7203. FirstLeaf's customer service is available seven days a week, from 6am to 5pm PST.

What is the login page for Firstleaf?
Visit to access your account

Wine Club Price Comparison
Winc - 4 bottles per month for $55.95 dollars
FirstLeaf - 6 bottles per month for $89.94 dollars
VineBox - 36 glasses every 90 days for $24 dollars