How Much Does FirstLeaf Cost?

firstleaf wine

What is FirstLeaf?
FirstLeaf is a wine subscription service. Each month, customers receive a selection of wine. FirstLeaf offers discounts of up to 60% of retail prices for their wines.

FirstLeaf is notable for their introductory offer, that sends 6 bottles of wine for $40

About FirstLeaf
FirstLeaf is a wine subscription service. For $90 per month, customers receive 6 bottles of wine that have been tailored to their preferences. 

Popular FirstLeaf Alternative
How does WINC compare to Olsen Run's District Row wine collection? We offer various discounts for our popular subscription plan of our jack club half case of Olsen Run's District Row Pinot Noir. This includes 6 bottles of our tasty Willamette Valley Red wine, which is a popular option among our clients.

FirstLeaf FAQ

If FirstLeaf a good deal?
FirstLeaf sells bottles of wine for around $15 apiece, which is slightly higher than the typical price point for a wine subscription service.

Is FirstLeaf a subscription?
Yes. FirstLeaf is a monthly wine subscription service.

How do I cancel my FirstLeaf subscription?
Visit to cancel at any time.