How Much Does VineBox Cost?


VineBox costs $288 per year for 36 glasses of wine.

Four times a year, customers receives a $72 box containing nine "glasses" of wine, at an average price of $8 per glass. The box contains 9 vials, each containing a single glass of wine.

You can also purchase full bottles of wine after trying out their single-glass sample.

VineBox FAQ

Is VineBox good wine?
They sell different tiers of wine, and by offering the single-glass option, VineBox allows customers to try out premium wine without needing to purchase a full bottle.

Where does VineBox ship from?
VineBox wine is shipped from San Francisco, CA.

How many ounces are in a VineBox?
Each VineBox contains 9 vials of wine, at 3.3 ounces each, for a total of 29.7 ounces of wine.