How Much Does WINC Cost?

How much does WINC cost per month?

WINC is a popular wine subscription service that starts at $39 per month for three bottles of wine. Shipping is $9 per month at this tier. The price goes up from there for larger orders, and higher quality bottles of wine.

Popular WINC Alternative

How does WINC compare to our District Row wine collection? We offer various discounts for our popular subscription plan of a half case of Olsen Run's District Row Pinot Noir. This includes 6 bottles of our tasty Willamette Valley Red wine, which is a popular option among our clients.


WINC was originally called "Club W" when it launched in 2012, but the company later rebranded to "WINC."

Does WINC make their own wine?
Yes, WINC bottles their own wines. 

Can you skip a month of WINC?
Yes. WINC allows their users to skip a month as many times as they'd like.


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