How Much Does WINC Cost? - 2023

How much does WINC cost per month?


How Much Does WINC Cost a Month in 2023?
WINC currently costs $59.95 per month.

If you choose to skip a month, or don't spend all of your credits in a month, they will roll over and you can spend them later.

Shipping is free for orders that cost $50 or more. For orders that are less that $50 a $9 shipping fee will be added.

What is the Price Range of the Wines at WINC?
The wine at WINC ranges from $13 per bottle up to $39.99. Customers can mix and match cheaper and more expensive bottles of wine.

What is WINC?
WINC is a monthly wine subscription box. Based in California, WINC helps each member discover new types of wines via their "palette profile" which suggest new wine options to suit the customer's taste. Each wine shipment contains background information and the history of each wine bottle, providing insight and bits of wine knowledge.

How Does a WINC Membership Work?
Each month WINC will send you a selection of wines. You can provide feedback about which wines you enjoyed, which helps WINC better select bottles that suit your tastes. It's like WINC "learns" about your wine preferences through trial and error, and ultimately they hope to provide a continual selection of wines that you'll love. 

When you order 4 bottles of wine per month, WINC provides the shipping for free.

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How does WINC's credit system work?
Each month you get a minimum of 4 bottles of wine totalling $59.95. If you decide to skip a month, those credits are saved, and can be used for a future purchase. 

For example, if you skip a month of WINC the next month you can spend your leftover credits to get 8 bottles of wine instead of 4. Or you could use your credits to purchase 4 bottles of more expensive wine. No matter what, you can't lose the wine credits you've purchased.

About WINC's Wine Subscription Service
WINC's standout feature is their "Palate Profile." The Palate Profile quizzes new members about their favorite types of wine. WINC then uses this information to select the wines that user will enjoy the most, along with introducing new wines that slightly deviate from the Palate Profile, allowing the subscriber to discover new wines that they may also enjoy.

The Palate Profile consists of a handful of flavor-related questions, packaged like a familiar Buzzfeed-style quiz. The Palate Profile questions relate to flavors like saltiness, mushrooms, berries, citrus flavors, and more. The Palate Profile quiz will take users about a minute to complete.

WINC's goal is to educate the subscriber about various types of wine, along with introducing them to new varieties.

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Popular WINC Alternative
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WINC was originally called "Club W" when it launched in 2012, but the company later rebranded to "WINC." You can think of the name WINC as an abbreviation of "Wine, Incorporated."

Is WINC going out of business?
No. In December of 2022 WINC filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, which means they are reorganizing how and when they will pay off their outstanding debts. WINC could potentially go out of business, but as of 2023 they are still operating.

Does WINC make their own wine?
Yes, WINC bottles their own wines. All of their wines are labeled "Bottled in Buellton, CA."

Can you buy WINC in stores?
No. You can only purchase WINC products from their website.

Can you skip a month of WINC?
Yes. WINC allows their users to skip a month as many times as they'd like. To skip a month of WINC just visit their website, select "My Membership" and click "Skip a Month."

Do you have to have a subscription to buy from WINC?
No. While WINC is known for their wine subscription service, but they also offer gift boxes of wine that you can purchase without a subscription.

Do I have to be home to receive my WINC delivery?
Yes. Following state alcohol laws, WINC must be delivered to an adult that can prove they are over the age of 21. If you can't sign for your WINC delivery at home, you can choose to have it shipped to your work, or a FedEX Office location.

Does WINC charge a sales tax?
Yes, the sales tax will vary depending on what state you live in.

Is WINC hard to cancel?
Nope, WINC is really easy to cancel with no cancellation fees. You can contact them via email or phone with the information below.

How to cancel a WINC membership
If you'd like to cancel your subscription by phone, call WINC's customer service at (855) 282-5829 and they will cancel it for you. Their customer service is available 7-days a week from 7am to 4pm PST.

As of March 2023, you can no longer cancel WINC via chat or email.

Wine Club Price Comparison
Winc - 4 bottles per month for $55.95 dollars
FirstLeaf - 6 bottles per month for $89.94 dollars
VineBox - 36 glasses every 90 days for $24 dollars