Who we are

OLSEN RUN is a Willamette Valley winery RUN by the OLSEN Family. We can't wait to have you at our family-run winery!

Clockwise from top: Erin, Aja, Jamie, Rachel and Joe. Not pictured and part of the family: Jack and Andy.
The Olsens have a long-range vision for their Oregon farms. The Olsen Family's vineyard is nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley. This fertile soil has been producing high quality farm products such as grass seed, blueberries, mint oil, hazelnuts and hops for nearly two centuries. The Olsen's appreciate how the less fertile and rocky soils of the foothills, as well as the multitude of interesting micro-climates, have produced some of the worlds most sought after wines. Out of the vision and understanding, Olsen Run and District Row Wines were born, as well as the ancillary brands Olsen Family Vineyards (OFV) and Viridian.
The vision for Olsen Run is to produce premium quality Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris wines that express the special character of the Willamette Valley and our vineyard sites.