What is Iced Coffee Wine?

Have you heard about iced coffee wine? It's a popular new variety of wine with a taste that's a cross between an Starbucks iced coffee and a cool glass of wine. Why juggle a cup of coffee and a glass of wine when you can enjoy them both at the same time?

Our customers can't get enough of the Olsen Run Iced Coffee variety. Learn more about iced coffee wine with these frequently asked questions.

Iced coffee wine isn't commonly sold in stores, so be sure to order a bottle (or six) with us today!

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What is Iced Coffee Wine?
Iced coffee wine is a bottle of wine that's been infused with coffee flavors. Coffee beans are introduced to the wine during fermentation to create a blend of coffee and wine flavors. Our iced coffee wine includes real cream, all-natural chocolate, and coffee beans that makes it taste a lot like a Frappuccino. 

How does Iced Coffee Wine taste?
Iced coffee wine will taste similar to a bottle of red wine, but with additional coffee flavors. Vanilla, cream, and coffee bean flavors can be included with the wine to give it a taste similar to iced coffee.

Is Iced Coffee Wine high in caffeine?
No, iced coffee wine isn't caffeinated. Iced coffee wine will contain added flavors that make it taste similar to coffee, but minus any added caffeine. Have no fear, iced coffee wine won't give you the caffeine jitters before bed!

Is Iced Coffee Wine a trendy drink?
Iced coffee wine is definitely growing in popularity and picking up new fans each day. Our iced coffee wine is one of our top sellers!

Is Iced Coffee Wine alcoholic?
Yes! Iced coffee wine is a mixture of red wine and coffee flavors. Check the label to determine the actual ABV (alcohol by volume) for that particular wine.

How is Iced Coffee Wine made?
After the red wine grapes are harvested, they begin the fermentation process. During this step, the iced coffee flavors are added.

Can you make Iced Coffee Wine at home?
Unless you are already producing your own wine, probably not. It's not quite as simple as adding coffee flavors to a glass of red.

If you love both wine and coffee and you're looking for a conversation starter, pop a bottle of iced coffee wine into the fridge and enjoy it COLD.

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